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Policies Terms

Policies  and  Terms

Policies and terms lay out our commitment to you.

Please note that names of appliances vary by state and even from practice to practice. Make all instructions clear and precise about each appliance. We will keep the information in your file. We need to know about any special instructions in design variation.

Turnaround Times

Please include a due date on every prescription. We suggest this date be one day prior to the actual appointment date. Note that turn around times are in lab times. They do not include week-ends, holidays, and shipping days. We always strive to meet your needs.

Appliances  5 – 7   days
Study Models  7 – 9  days

terms policies for orthodontic lab

Orthodontist fitting in upper Hawley Retainer.


We guarantee the orthodontic appliance will fit the model it was made on. If you need to return an appliance, please indicate the reason for the return. Include the appliance and original construction model. A new impression may be necessary as well. This warranty is void if the original model is not returned.

Payment Terms

An invoice is generated for each case. At the end of each month, a monthly statement will be mailed to you. The current charges on the statement are due and payable by the 10th of the next month. Payments on the statement balance not received by the 15th of the month will be charged a 1.5% service charge. It will appear on your next statement. Credit cannot be extended beyond the last day of the month payment was due.

Suggestions, Complaints, Questions

Sunrise Dental Lab values each and every Orthodontis and Dentist we work with. We appreciate the dedication and care that you provide to your patients. We hope to build a long and friendly relationship with you and your employees. Please contact us if you have any complaints, suggestions, or questions. We value feedback on office policies that help us improve.

Please call Sunrise Dental Lab at (915)269-1576 or use our convenient contact form Our email is