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Orthodontic Lab

Orthodontic Lab

Sunrise Dental Lab is an Orthodontic Lab based in El Paso, Texas. We  offer a selection of many different appliances, all fabricated from the highest quality materials with excellent workmanship.

All orthodontic appliances fabricated to your exact prescriptions. Sunrise Orthodontic Lab guarantees the appliance will fit the model it was made on.

Dental labs produce dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants. They may also produce orthodontic appliances. Sunrise Orthodontic Lab (aka Sunrise Orthodontic Laboratory and Sunrise Dental Lab) specializes in orthodontic appliances. Orthodontic appliances correct positioning of teeth such as over-bites, irregular spacing, or crookedness. Sunrise Orthodontic Lab also fabricates appliances for children to keep teeth straight as they grow. Examples are appliances that keep children from habitually pushing teeth forward with their tongues or putting pressure on teeth by thumb sucking.

Sunrise certified technicians are expert in creating the exact orthodontic appliance the patient needs. See a partial list on the Orthodontic Appliances page. There are many photos of appliances fabricated by our technicians. These include Hawley Retainers, Banded and Haas Palatal Expanders, Distal Jet, and more. Click on any image to see a larger size.

Customer Service

Unlike large dental labs, Sunrise Orthodontic Lab provides true personal service. If you call, you can speak to the technician creating your appliance. Any issue can be quickly resolved by speaking to the owner. As a small orthodontic lab, we value every client.
retainer fabricated in orthodontic lab


A few facts your patients may like to know…

  • Orthodontics was the first specialty in dentistry. Archeologists found human remains with metal bands around individual teeth. They were over 2000 years old.
  • Orthodontics” is derived from the Greek orthos (“correct”, “straight”) and -odont- (“tooth”)
  • After obtaining a DDS, DMD, or BDS, a dentist must enroll in a 2-3 year program to become an orthodontist.
  • America’s first commercial dental laboratory opened in Boston in 1887 by Dr. W.H. Stowe. He had fabricated dental prosthetics for his patients since 1883.